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Parental Breakdown And How It...
Saturday 10 May, Solihull
10:00am Saturday 12 July, All Nations Church, Sachville Ave, Cardiff
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Whispering Death- Anxiety, Stress and Burnout 
Stress, anxiety and burnout are in the news for all the right reasons, and also for all the wrong reasons. In November 2013 the English cricketer Jonathan Trott returned home early from the Ashes series... More ...
Shaun Lambert
A Christian Mindfulness Course
Read about this course being developed in Scotland. Also, an introductory article on mindfulness and Christianity. More ...
Richard H. H. Johnston
Friendly Places
We have teamed up with Faith Action to come up with a multi-faith pledge for places of worship to be friendly. Can we do more? More ...
The Mind and Soul Team
The words to speak
If I had the words to speak I would tell about the trauma of mental illness... - read our latest testimony about the tension between hopelessness and Hope More ...
Stuck in a church that doesn't understand
We have taken the decision to close the forums on this site. They were being used very infrequently. Here we have reproduced one of the most popular forum threads that really seems to connect with people. More ...
Rob Waller
How To Live Guilt Free...
What are you feeling guilty about right now? Not spending enough time with God? The family? Not achieving enough? Eating too much? Chances are, there’ll be something, and you’ll probably feel it most acutely during Lent... More ...
Will Van Der Hart
Jeremiah and Fear
Was Jeremiah an impotent bystander who watched as his nation fell? Or can he tell us a lot about fear - and how to cope with it? More ...
Andy Scott
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