Seminars at HTB Focus 2012

These three seminars will be given 22-24th July 2012 at HTB Focus at Mablethorpe. More information at At the time of the seminars, powerpoint and word handouts will be available to download below:

Making Changes

“To live is to change..,” or so goes many an inspirational quote. But we are notoriously bad at this. You will learn how humans can change and how they dig their heels in. We will cover the role of friends, faith and ferapists [sorry].

Stayin’ Alive

“To change is to live..,” but what next? What does it mean to stay emotionally healthy? There are no gyms, no five-a-day and no Olympics on the horizon. So here are some tricks of the trade: have healthy habits, discover discipleship and learn to r-e-l-a-x.

Healing Together

“To live is to love”. In our culture, you are often on your own: your faith [or lack of it], your ‘personal’ Saviour. But then God invented church. In a true community healing is a gift, responsibility is shared and journeys are as important as the destination. Learn how to heal, to grow, to love – and, in doing so, to live all the more.


 Slides and Handouts 
Focus 2012 - Healing Together Slides - PPT (3,124KB)
Focus 2012 - Healing Together Slides - PDF (3,102KB)
Focus 2012 - Healing Together Handout - PDF (171KB)
Focus 2012 - Stayin Alive Slides - PPT (1,773KB)
Focus 2012 - Stayin Alive Slides - PDF (1,551KB)
Focus 2012 - Stayin Alive Handout - PDF (97KB)
Focus 2012 - Making Changes Slides - PPT (1,759KB)
Focus 2012 - Making Changes Slides - PDF (1,871KB)
Focus 2012 - Making Changes Handout - PDF (364KB)

 Talk Audios and Video Testimony 
Healing Together (download)
Rob Waller, 24/07/2012
Stayin' Alive (download)
Rob Waller, 23/07/2012
Making Changes (download)
Rob Waller, 22/07/2012
Healing Community Testimony - Quicktime [.mov] (download)
Fellowship of Healing, 20/06/2012

Rob Waller, 07/08/2012

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