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growthBipolar Christians
This is the title of a popular topic in our forums - reproduced here for you to read. The problem is still very much understood. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
AP16164335437168-1280x960Evil is not Madness
Is the Orlando Massacre sickening evil or can we join the press in blaming it on 'Bipolar Disorder'? Mental Health Stigma at its worst... more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
handsVolunteering with Bipolar UK
A story of how one Christian volunteered with a local mental health charity more ...
Anneka Weston
logo square 300Bipolar Christian
Being ill brought me to God. A testimony from biploar illness. more ...
Emma McCarthy
growthBipolar for Jesus
Being a Christian is wonderful, but it is also tough, when I try to live for God, I fail so much. Having Bipolar disorder is a nightmare. I have prayed so much for healing. more ...
bipolarDid that really happen?
Understanding spiritual experiences when you have bipolar affective disorder – was that the voice of God, or my illness speaking? How to tell the difference and how to have faith. more ...
Rob Waller
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